76. Propositions about "Science" [157-158]

it dissolves itself in and along with the dissolution of all beings themselves. In view of this end, which will be a very enduring final state that will always look like a beginning, science today stands in its best beginning. Only the blind and the foolish will talk today of the "end" of science.

23. In this way "science" pursues the goal of securing for knowing the
state of total lack of need and therefore remains the most moderns in the epoch of the total lack of questioning. All purposes and usefulness are firmly in place, all means are at hand, every usufruct is executable. The only thing that still counts is to overcome the differences in degree of refinement and possibly to bring about the greatest expanse for the easiest usage. The hidden goal toward which all of this and much more rushes, without having the slightest hint of it — and without being able in the slightest to have a hint — is the state of total boredom (cf. 1929/30 lecture course) in the sphere of the best successes, which one day can no longer hide the character of boredom, in case a remnant of knowing power has then still remained, in order at least to shock in this condition and to disclose this condition and therein the gaping abandonment of beings by being.

24. However, the important setting free comes only from the essential knowing awareness that is already in the other beginning: it never comes from powerlessness and mere helplessness. But knowing awareness is inabiding in the question-worthiness of be-ing, which preserves its own dignity by gifting itself only too rarely in refusal, as the sheltered enowning of the passage of decision of the arrival and flight of gods in beings. Who is the one to come who grounds this moment of the passing toward the beginning of another "epoch," meaning: to an other history of be-ing?