242. Time-Space as Ab-ground [385-386]

inceptual in the other beginning. This essential sway of be-ing is unique and once only, thus sufficing for the innermost essential sway of be-ing; φύσις too is unique and once only.

If that temporalizing and that spatializing [are] the originary essential sway of time and of space, then their source-inhering in ab-ground and grounding the ab-ground-are made manifest from out of the essential sway of being. Time and space (originarily) "are" not, but hold sway.

However, hesitating refusal itself has this originarily unifying joining of not-granting and hesitating from the hint. This hint is the self-enopening of what shelters and conceals itself as such and indeed the self-enopening for and as en-ownment, as call to belongingness to enowning itself, i.e., to the grounding of Da-sein as the domain of decision for be-ing.

But this hint comes to hint only in the echo of be-ing out of the distress of abandonment by being and only means further that enowning opens up neither from within the call nor from within a belongingness but only from within the "between" [Zwischen] that resonates both. And it means further that the projecting-open of the origin of time-space as the originary onefold is enactable from within the ab-ground of the ground (the net, d. Leap, 142: The Essential Sway of Be-ing).

Space is rendering ab-ground that charms-moves unto the encircling hold.

Time is rendering ab-ground that removes unto the gathering.

Charming-moving-unto is the encircling hold of gathering that holds to abground.

Removal-unto is gathering unto the encircling hold that holds to abground.

When removal-unto proves to be gathering and charming-moving-unto proves to be encircling hold, then there is each time therein a counter-turning [Gegenwendiges]. For, removal-unto appears to be dispersal, and charming-moving-unto appears to be estranging. This counterturning is indeed what is essential and indicates the originary referral of both to each other, on the basis of their separatedness.

Time spatializes [räumt ein], never charms-moves-unto.

Space temporalizes [zeitigt ein], never removes-unto.

But time and space also have nothing in common as a unity; rather what they have is what brings them to a one, that which lets them spring forth into that inseparable referral, time-space, the ground's holding to ab-ground: the essential swaying of truth. However. this springing forth is not a tearing-away but the opposite: Time-space is only the prevailing unfolding of the essential swaying of truth.

Thus rendering ab-ground of ground is not exhausted in what is its ownmost but only made clear as the grounding of the t/here [Da].

Time-space is the charming-moving-removing-unto gathering encircling