Jacques Derrida

Heidegger's Ear


(Geschlecht IV)

Translated by John P. Leavey, Jr.

... als Hören der Stimme des Freundes, den jedes Dasein bei sich trägt.

Heidegger, Sein und Zeit

... as in hearing the voice of the friend whom every Dasein carries with it.

Translated by Macquarrie and Robinson

… écoute qui s'ouvre à la voix de l'ami que tout Dasein porte auprös de lui

Translated by Vezin

… comme l'écoute de la voix de l'ami que chaque Dasein porte de lui

Translated by Martineau

… l'ouir de la voix amie, que tout étre-lä porte en lui-méme

Translated by Boehm and de Waehlens






Translator's note. I consulted the English translations of Heidegger where available and cited some passages with modifications as indicated herein; the exception is the translation of Sein und Zeit (Being and Time) by John Macquarrie and Edward Robinson (New York: Harper, 1962), which gives the German pagination in the margins; for that text I have only given the German reference, although I have used the translation with modifications. However, in all the "translations" of Heidegger I have attempted to follow Derrida in his "translation," which "always risks," as he says, "a war and a sacrifice" between sound and sense.

Jacques Derrida - Geschlecht IV Heidegger's Ear