Scientist: As I see more clearly just now, all during our conversation I have been waiting for the arrival of the nature of thinking. But waiting itself has become clearer to me now and therewith this too, that presumably we all became more waitful along our path.

Teacher: Can you tell us how this is so?

Scientist: I'll be glad to try, providing I don't have to run the risk that you will at once pin me down to particular words.

Teacher: In our conversations, we don't usually do that.

Scholar: Rather, we see to it that we move freely in the realm of words.

Teacher: Because a word does not and never can re-present anything; but signifies something, that is, shows something as abiding into the range of its expressibility.

Scientist: I am to say why I came to wait and the way I succeeded in clarifying the nature of thinking. I tried to release myself of all re-presenting, because waiting moves into openness without re-presenting anything. And, released from re-presenting, I tried to release myself purely to that-which-regions because that-which-regions is the opening of openness.

Teacher: If I have it rightly, then, you tried to let yourself into releasement.

Scientist: To be honest, I did not think of this particularly, although we just spoke of releasement. The occasion which led me to let myself into waiting in the way mentioned was more the course of the conversation than the re-presentation of the specific objects we spoke about.

Scholar: We can hardly come to releasement more fittingly than through an occasion of letting ourselves in.