Teacher: Above all when the occasion is as inconspicuous as the silent course of a conversation that moves us.

Scholar: But that means, the conversation brings us to that path which seems nothing else than releasement itself . . .

Teacher: . . . which is something like rest.

Scholar: At this point, how movement comes from rest and remains let into rest suddenly becomes clearer to me.

Teacher: Then releasement would be not only a path but a movement.

Scholar: Where does this strange path go? Where does the movement proper to it rest?

Teacher: Where else but in that-which-regions, in relation to which releasement is what it is.

Scientist: Finally I must now go back and ask, how far is it really releasement into which I tried to let myself?

Scholar: This question causes us great embarrassment.

Teacher: In which we have found ourselves constantly along our path.

Scientist: How so?

Teacher: Because what we have designated by a word never has that word hanging on it like a name plate.

Scientist: Whatever we designate has been nameless before; this is true as well of what we name releasement. What do we go by, then, in order to estimate whether and how far the name is adequate?

Scholar: Or does all designation remain an arbitrary act with regard to the nameless?

Teacher: But is it really settled that there is the nameless at all? There is much which we often cannot say, but only because the name it has does not occur to us.