Scholar: By virtue of what kind of designation would it have its name?

Teacher: Perhaps these names are not the result of designation. They are owed to a naming in which the nameable, the name and the named occur altogether.

Scientist: What you just said about naming is unclear to me.

Scholar: Probably that is connected with the nature of words.

Scientist: However, what you noted about designation, and about the fact that there is nothing nameless, is clearer to me.

Scholar: Because we can test it in the case of the name releasement.

Teacher: Or have tested it already.

Scientist: How so?

Teacher: What is it that you designated by the name releasement?

Scientist: If I may say so, not I but you have used this name.

Teacher: I, as little as you, have done the designating.

Scholar: Then who did it? None of us?

Teacher: Presumably, for in the region in which we stay everything is in the best order only if it has been no one's doing.

Scientist: A mysterious region where there is nothing for which to be answerable.

Teacher: Because it is the region of the word, which is answerable to itself alone.

Scholar: For us it remains only to listen to the answer proper to the word.

Teacher: That is enough; even when our telling is only a retelling of the answer heard . . .