side of that-which-regions turned toward our re-presenting. That-which-regions surrounds us and reveals itself to us as the horizon.

Scholar: It seems to me that as the horizon it rather conceals itself.

Teacher: Certainly, nevertheless we are in that-which-regions when, re-presenting transcendentally, we step out into the horizon. And yet again we are still not in it, so far as we have not released ourselves for that-which-regions, as such.

Scientist: Something which happens in waiting.

Teacher: As you have said, in waiting we are released from our transcendental relation to the horizon.

Scientist: This being-released-from is the first aspect of releasement; yet that does not hit its nature exactly, let alone exhaust it.

Scholar: How not?

Teacher: So far as authentic releasement may come about without necessarily being preceded by such being-released- from horizontal transcendence.

Scholar: If authentic releasement is to be the proper relation to that-which-regions, and if this relation is determined solely by what it is related to, then authentic releasement must be based upon that-which-regions, and must have received from it movement toward it.

Teacher: Releasement comes out of that-which-regions because in releasement man stays released to that-which-regions and, indeed, through this itself. He is released to it in his being, insofar as he originally belongs to it. He belongs to it insofar as he is appropriated initially to that-which- regions and, indeed, through this itself.

Discourse On Thinking (GA 13) by Martin Heidegger