Scholar: In fact (supposing that it is waiting which is essential, that is, all-decisive) , waiting upon something is based on our belonging in that upon which we wait.2

Teacher: Out of the experience of and in relation to just such waiting upon the opening of that-which-regions, waiting came to be spoken of as releasement.

Scholar: Thus waiting upon that-which-regions is named adequately.

Scientist: But if heretofore the reigning essence of thinking has been that transcendental-horizonal re-presenting from which releasement, because of its belonging to that-which-regions, releases itself; then thinking changes in releasement from such a re-presenting to waiting upon that-which-regions.

Teacher: Yet the nature of this waiting is releasement to that-which-regions. But because it is that-which-regions which then lets releasement belong to it, since resting in it, the nature of thinking lies, if I may say so, in the regioning of releasement by that-which-regions.

Scholar: Thinking is releasement to that-which-regions because its nature lies in the regioning of releasement.

Teacher: But by this you say that the nature of thinking is not determined through thinking and so not through waiting as such, but through the other-than-itself, that is, through that-which-regions which as regioning first brings forth this nature.

Scientist: I can follow, after a fashion, all that we have said now about releasement, that-which-regions, and regioning; all the same I can re-present nothing of it to myself.

2. See Introduction for comment on the use of "waiting upon," p. 23. (Tr.)