Scholar: You aren't supposed, to—if you think what was said in accordance with its nature.

Scientist: You mean that we wait upon it in accordance with the changed nature of thinking.

Scholar: That is, wait upon the regioning of that-which-regions, so that this releases our nature into that-which-regions, and so into belonging to it.

Teacher: But if we are already appropriated to that-which-regions?

Scientist: What good does that do us if we aren't truly appropriated?

Scholar: Thus we are and we are not.

Scientist: Again this restless to and fro between yes and no.

Scholar: We are suspended as it were between the two.

Teacher: Yet our stand in this betweenness is waiting.

Scholar: That is the nature of releasement into which the regioning of that-which-regions regions man. We presage the nature of thinking as releasement.

Teacher: Only to forget releasement again as quickly.

Scientist: That, which I myself have experienced as waiting.

Teacher: We are to bear in mind that thinking is in no way self-subsisting releasement. Releasement to that-which-regions is thinking only as the regioning of releasement, a regioning which releases releasement into that-which-regions.

Scholar: However, that-which-regions also makes things endure in the abiding expanse. What are we to call the regioning of that-which-regions with respect to things?

Scientist: It can't be regioning with respect to man for that is the relation of that-which-regions to releasement,