Scientist: Now I see what was meant. The program of mathematics and the experiment are grounded in the relation of man as ego to the thing as object.

Teacher: They even constitute this relation in part and unfold its historical character.

Scientist: If any examination which focuses on what is a part of history is called historical, then the methodological analysis in physics is, indeed, historical.

Scholar: Here the concept of the historical signifies a mode of knowing and is understood broadly.

Teacher: Understood, presumably, as focused upon a history which does not consist in the happenings and deeds of the world.

Scholar: Nor in the cultural achievements of man.

Scientist: But in what else?

Teacher: The historical rests in that-which-regions, and in what occurs as that-which-regions. It rests in what, coming to pass in man, regions him into his nature.

Scholar: A nature we have hardly experienced as yet, supposing it has not yet been realized in the rationality of the animal.

Scientist: In such a situation we can do nothing but wait for man's nature.

Teacher: Wait in a releasement through which we belong to that-which-regions, which still conceals its own nature.

Scholar: We presage releasement to that-which-regions as the sought-for nature of thinking.

Teacher: When we let ourselves into releasement to that-which-regions, we will non-willing.

Scientist: Releasement is indeed the release of oneself from transcendental re-presentation and so a relinquishing of

Discourse On Thinking (GA 13) by Martin Heidegger