the willing of a horizon. Such relinquishing no longer stems from a willing, except that the occasion for releasing oneself to belonging to that-which-regions requires a trace of willing. This trace, however, vanishes while releasing oneself and is completely extinguished in releasement.

Scholar: But in what ways is releasement related to what is not willing?

Teacher: After all we said about the enduring of the abiding expanse, about letting rest in returning, about the regioning of that-which-regions, it is hardly possible to speak of that-which-regions as will.

Scholar: Certainly the fact that on the one hand both the regioning with respect to man and the determining of that-which-regions, and on the other hand, all effecting and causing are essentially and mutually exclusive, shows how alien that is to anything pertaining to the will.

Teacher: For every will wants to actualize, and to have actuality as its element.

Scientist: Someone who heard us say this could easily get the impression that releasement floats in the realm of unreality and so in nothingness, and, lacking all power of action, is a will-less letting in of everything and, basically, the denial of the will to live!

Scholar: Do you then consider it necessary to counter this possible misunderstanding by showing in what respect something like power of action and resolve also reign in releasement?

Scientist: Yes I do, although I don't fail to recognize that all such names at once misinterpret releasement as pertaining to the will.