had copied somewhere. They contain an explanation of this word. I still remember them. They read:


Never one truth alone;
To receive intact
The coming forth of truth's nature
In return for boundless steadfastness:
Imbed the thinking heart
In the humble patience
Of unique high-minded
And noble memories.

Teacher: The in-dwelling in releasement to that-which-regions would then be the real nature of the spontaneity of thinking.

Scholar: And, following the quoted lines, thinking would be commemoration, akin to what is noble.

Teacher: In-dwelling in releasement to that-which-regions would be noble-mindedness itself.

Scientist: It seems to me that this unbelievable night entices you both to exult.

Teacher: So it does, if you mean exulting in waiting, through which we become more waitful and more void.

Scholar: Apparently emptier, but richer in contingencies.

Scientist: Then please tell me also, in your curious emptiness, in what respect releasement can be akin to what is noble.

Scholar: Noble is what has origins.

Teacher: Not only that, but abides in the origins of its nature.

Scientist: Now authentic releasement consists in this: that man in his very nature belongs to that-which-regions, i.e., he is released to it.