III. The difference [122–123]

What is beingless is other than being (to which nothingness appertains). Non-beings are other than what is beingless.

Beyng     (Essential occurrence of truth)—The difference:




What is beingless



Only in the twisting free of beyng into the turning of the event does the experience of beyng become true.

Whence the difference between true and untrue? (ἀλήθεια—δόξα; ὄν—μὴ ὄν) Out of the difference itself.

In the emptiness of the renunciation, the nobility of indigence can be experienced through the experience of the event and specifically of the event of the inceptual dispropriation—the withholding.

169. The difference

A. First of all to point into the difference and specifically on the basis of the differentiation.

1. the first indication of the differentiation.

2. the differentiation as the ungrounded ground and arena of metaphysics and of its world-play.

3. This indication already goes beyond metaphysics.

B. The exhibition of the difference as departure.

4. The difference as self-differentiating (event).

5. Beinglessness and the event of withholding; the inceptual dispropriation.

6. The difference and the differentiation.

7. The difference and the distinctions; and the “as”

a. of the human being to beyng

b. of the human being to beings

c. within beings—the regions.

(κρίνειν, the ᾗ, qua, as, διαίρεσις-σύνθεσις: ἕν, διαλέγεσθαι—the negativity of Hegel)

C. The difference and the twisting free of beyng.

8. The difference and the downgoing.

9. The downgoing and the departure.

10. The departure and the abyss.

11. The abyssal ground and the more inceptual beginning.

Martin Heidegger (GA 71) The Event