V. The event. The vocabulary of its essence [169–170]

         what is proper” is the name of a time in the history of beyng, the time of the entry of the truth of beyng into the appropriated inaugural essence. In the domain of what is proper, the inceptual unification of the difference and the departure eventuates toward the abyssal unity of their oppositional essence. This unification, however, does not derive from a “oneness,” already present at hand in some time and place, which could cause “unity.” The inceptual unification of the domain of what is proper unifies the essential unity of the event toward the full inceptuality of the beginning. In the abyss of the beginning, all essential signs of the event are grounded (i.e., here, deprived of ground), signs which show themselves in the circumscribed vocabulary of the “event.” The “unity” essentially occurring as the domain of what is proper denies itself every objectification toward a present at hand oneness. And already this mere speaking of “unity” involves the trap of setting aside the unitary essence of the event like a secured resource. Instead of this, the event-related experience must preserve beyng in its abyssal truth. This does not take away the necessity of grasping the oneness of this unity, as the domain of what is proper eventuates, in unique, inaugural experience. That is the experience appearing in the pain of the event-related, inceptual separation in which the “that it is” of beyng comes to light. In this “that being is,” beyng emerges by going down and by emerging out of the inceptual nothingness of the denial of the beginning. Out of the inaugural pain of the enduring which preserves the twisting free of beyng toward the event into the inceptuality of the beginning, there pertain equiprimordially, to this “that it is” of beyng, the horror of the abyss and the bliss of the departure. But this “that it is” of beyng does not merely fall under the determination of uniqueness, as if there were a “uniqueness” existing in itself; instead, this “that it is” is the unique beginning of all uniqueness, which allows the essential occurrence of the abyssal separation