VIII. Da-seyn [216–217]

Reflexion and “the difference” between being and beings: beings as such! The “as” and the clearing of the regard:

(a) toward the ἰδέα

(b) toward the ego cogito

(c) Regard toward as view into—
Openness and clearing.

240. Da-sein—“space”

Remoteness and nearness—we think of spatial distances and extensions. And yet the space of things is accessible to us only over the space in which the stars exist. And the space of the stars opens up only if what eventuates is what we surmise to be the consonance of hearts. Only in that way can we, in “world”-space, grant to the stars the place which they present to us, either concealedly or as an astronomical position, for shining.

We think of nearness and remoteness as distances “in” space and do not surmise that “space” first has its ground in inceptual remoteness and nearness.

C. Disposition and Da-sein
The pain of the question-worthiness of beyng

Steadfastness and disposition
The voice—soundless—of the word
of the claim of the beginning
Disposition—appropriated by this voice
“disposed”—not in relation
to any other disposition—
thus or thus—calculated toward “temperament,”
which nevertheless, despite
Da-sein, in the possibility of
Disposition and response
“Disposition” as the essential occurrence of the event—
not “dispositions” as states