VIII. Da-seyn [221–222]

244. Downgoing and its disposition 5

Downgoing is entrance under the protection which, as concealment, has taken the departure into safekeeping. The departure protects inceptually. Calculatively thought, the downgoing is the dissolution and disappearance of possessions and of things present at hand. In that way, downgoing remains a character of beings in the sense of actuality. Downgoing is then a falling into the non-actual, and this alone holds for nothingness.

The downgoing, whose essence with respect to the event is intimate, bears intimacy by essence, and intimacy is departure. Experienced thus, the downgoing essentially occurs, like the beginning, with respect to the history of beyng. The genuine beginning is the one that goes down.

The departure, i.e., the intimacy of the downgoing, is the reticence of beyng and thus of its voice, which inceptually twists free of beyng and, out of such a twisting free that goes down, disposes toward thanking.

In the stirring-up of the disposition of thanks as the greetedness of the human being, the event of Dasein appropriates

The departure protects inceptually and greets in the appropriated intimacy of the inceptuality.

245. Da-sein and thanking

constitute reception of the appropriation of the essence of truth as clearing of the beginning.

Reception is itself marked by the event and requires no effecting, no “results” or consequences.

Da-sein as reception is beyng.

Beyng is the luster of the beginning in the in-between wherein what is true has illuminated itself and, as a “being,” inceptually “is.”

Da-sein is the appropriated time-space, the hearth-place of recollection. At this hearth, the inceptuality glows in concealment.

The steadfastness of reception is thanking. Thanking here taken over in the inceptual essence.

5. Cf. The pain of the question-worthiness of beyng.