§28 [197-198]

to pass the time in seeking to be occupied m a particular way with something arbitrary;

in II, there is the inconspicuous occurrence of a passing the time, hidden from the self that is bored, in our entire comportment during the situation.

[5.] In I, we have a fluttering unease of passing the time, a running up against boredom that somehow easily becomes confused, and accordingly a being driven around within boredom itself. (For our unease in passing the time precisely makes the boredom itself to some extent more pressing and more unsettling.)

In II, passing the time is rather more of an evasion in the face of boredom, and boredom itself is more a letting oneself be bored.

[6.] The distinction with respect to the range of resonance of boredom:

In I, we have a being forced in between particular boring things, and correspondingly a sticking fast to them;

in II, the floating dissipation of boredom throughout the whole situation.

Finally, looking back over the six previous points and summarizing everything once more:

[7.] In I, we have, as it were, the extrinsic arrival and advent of boredomfrom out of a particular environment;

in II, the arising of boredom within and from out of Dasein on the occasion of a specific situation.

Accordingly, in I, we have a fidgeting directed outward in accordance with the contingency of boredom;

in II, a being drawn into the specific gravity of boredom.

Through this summary the designations which we gave the two forms of boredom, becoming bored by ... and being bored with ... , have now also been clarified and have shown themselves to be appropriate and legitimate.

It would, however, be a misunderstanding if we were merely to take what is summarized in these seven points as a result, instead of demonstrating all this to ourselves in a living manner by now retracing the various interwoven paths taken by our investigation hitherto. For, to point it out once more, in case you have not yet noticed: it is not a matter of taking a definition of boredom home with you, but of learning and understanding how to move in the depths of Dasein.

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