Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics [204, 205, 206]

Dasein in such a way that in our being transformed we also understand that not only would it be hopeless to want to struggle against this attunement with some form of passing the time, but that it would almost be something presumptuous to close ourselves off from what this attunement wishes to tell us. The passing the time corresponding to this boredom is not simply missing, but is no longer permitted by us at all with regard to this boredom in which we are already attuned. This no longer permitting any passing the time at all is demanded by the particular boredom itself. Thus here too, indeed precisely here, the manner and way in which passing the time responds to the boredom manifests the character of the boredom itself. To no longer permit any passing the time means to let this boredom be overpowering. This entails already understanding this boredom in its overpowering nature. This understanding of boredom, however, is not attached to this boredom from the outside, as though-before we cease all passing the time-we were observing it psychologically. Rather the 'it is boring for one'-this 'it is thus for one'-has in itself this character of manifesting how things stand concerning us. This attunement brings us ourselves into the possibility of an exceptional understanding. Attuning and being attuned have the intrinsic character of a making manifest, though this does not exhaust the essence of attunement. Generally we are not in a position to give this boredom a hearing, and this because we are indeed familiar with it as boredom, but generally identify it in one form or another with the more common, superficial kind of boredom. More accurately, in this attunement one is in such a way as to know that something is to be 'said' in and through such being attuned.

Whereas in the first case of boredom we are concerned to shout down the boredom by passing the time so that we do not need to listen to it; and whereas in the second case what is distinctive is a not wanting to listen, we now have a being compelled to listen, being compelled in the sense of that kind of compelling force which everything properly authentic about Dasein possesses, and which accordingly is related to Dasein's innermost freedom. The 'it is boring for one' has already transposed us into a realm of power over which the individual person, the public individual subject, no longer has any power.

§31. Concrete interpretation of profound boredom along the
guiding thread of being left empty and being held in limbo.

Thus here too, where-at a rough glance-passing the time is factically entirely absent, a look into the essence of this form of boredom is already possible from this perspective. Yet this is now to be taken only as preparation for the concrete interpretation of this third form of boredom along the guiding thread

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