Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics [408-410]

is what we have already asked and properly asked in our earlier attempt to awaken a fundamental attunement in our Dasein. Thus we are already prepared and can forego a discussion of anthropology.

But surely in the first part of the lecture course we said nothing about the essence of man and even less about what we are calling world-formation and world. Indeed. We said nothing about this. Yet in no way does that mean that we have not in fact come upon all these things already, but only that it did not strike us at the time. When something strikes us or ought to strike us, it must be capable of being set off against something else. In the end our earlier analysis of captivation as the essence of animality provides as it were a suitable background against which the essence of humanity can now be set off, and indeed precisely in respect of what concerns us here: world and world-formation. Finally, it will be seen that we did already treat those issues which we just now left standing as abstract questions: the problem of the manifestness of beings and the way in which this manifestness occurs.

Thus the inner coherence of our investigation completes itself. It becomes clearer how the problem of world itself grows out of this fundamental attunement, or at least initially derives quite specific directives from it. We now stand before the task of presenting to ourselves in an originary manner those moments involved in the concept of world which we recognized as provisional characteristics. To do so we shall go back in that direction which was disclosed to us through the interpretation of profound boredom as a fundamental attunement of human Dasein. It will be revealed how this fundamental attunement, and everything bound up with it, is to be set off over against what we claimed as the essence of animality, over against captivation. This contrast will become all the more decisive for us insofar as captivation, as precisely the essence of animality, apparently belongs in the closest proximity to what we identified as a characteristic feature of profound boredom and described as the entrancement of Dasein within beings as a whole. Certainly it will be seen that this closest proximity of both determinations of essence is merely deceptive, that an abyss lies between them which cannot be bridged by any mediation whatsoever. Yet in that case the total divergence of the two theses will reveal itself, and thereby the essence of world.

§68. Provisional delimitation of the concept of world: world
as the manifestness of beings as such as a whole. General
elucidation of world-formation.

Earlier we discussed boredom, as we saw, and not just any attunement. If we now claim to take this whole investigation as a fundamental orientation for determining the essence of man, then we must say first of all that in this

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