§ 8. The essence of φύσις and the truth of being. φύσις in view of fire and cosmos. ἀλήθεια thought in the μὴ δῦνόν ποτε (φύσις) as the dis-closing into the unconcealment of being. Fragments 64, 66, 30, and 124

a) Fire and lightning as the enkindling of the lightening. The cosmos as the fitting, inconspicuous jointure and the originary adornment. The same in fire and cosmos: Igniting and lightening of the decisive measure-dispensing expanses

We think φύσις inceptually only when we think it as that jointure (i.e., ἁρμονία) that joins emerging back into the sheltering concealing, and thus lets emerging unfold as what intrinsically derives from this sheltering concealing, and which we therefore more appropriately call ‘revealing.’ ἁρμονία joins and kindles revealing and concealing into the one-foldedness of its essence and is thus the enkindling itself. φύσις is the ἁρμονία, the jointure that joins emerging back into self-concealing and sheltering in such a way that lets emerging unfold as what lightens