§ 7. On the illumination of being, experienced through inceptual thinking. Fragments 108, 41, 64, 78, 119, 16, 115, 50, 112

a) The ‘steering vision’ and the jointure (ἁρμονία) of the originary forgathering. γνώμη and the Λόγος as the unifying One in the advising, counseling presence of the originary sheltering forgathering

In saying 108, τὸ σοφόν, the authentically to-be-known, is determined as the regioning countering presence in which everything presences. In saying 41, σοφόν is expressed even more decisively in its uniqueness, while at the same time being described in such a way as to allow us a new look at the essence of the Λόγος. Saying 41, whose linguistic form is debatable, is captured in the following formulation:

ἓν τὸ σοφόν, ἐπίστασθαι γνώμην, ὁτέη κυβερνᾷ πάντα διὰ πάντων.

One, the sole One, is that which knows, (and to know means) lingering steadfastly before γνώμη, which steers all things through all things.

If we initially only state the content of the saying in a calculating and superficial way, we again find that the to-be-known—i.e., τὸ σοφόν—is the One (i.e., ἕν) which