The End of Modernity in the History of Beyng

The metaphysical token of the consummation of modernity is the historical empowering of the essence of "communism" into the constitution of being belonging to the epoch of consummate meaninglessness. The meaning-less is here understood in terms of the concept of meaning thought in Being and Time. In accordance with this concept, meaning is the realm of projection for the projecting of being upon its truth; and truth means the unconcealing release of being into the clearedness of its essencing, clearing of self-concealing. Refusal prevails essentially within it. Which, clearing itself, is the beckoning of beyng. Beckoning, beyng gathers itself into the bestowal of itself as singular. No correlation to beings is capable of bringing it to language.

The "meaning-less" means the truth-less: the remaining absent of the clearing of being. Meaninglessness comes to be consummated by this absence remaining in unrecognizability and together with this, being disappearing into forgotten oblivion. "Being" counts only as the unquestioned, most general word for what is most universal and empty; beings have unconsidered priority. That which is makes itself known and asserts itself in the claim to be thoroughly makeable, and consequently plannable and calculable. Offering themselves in this way, beings compel in human beings the exclusive prerogative of the domain of making. The unrelenting aspect of their boundless coursings casts a spell upon humankind that leads them only ever to regard those beings that can be made as everything. "Being"—being's abandonment—consummation of meaning-lessness.

When meaninglessness becomes consummated, "values" (values of life and culture) are proclaimed as the supreme goals and kinds of goal for human beings. "Values" are only ever the surreptitious translation of truthless being into mere slogans for what counts as valuable and accountable within the singular sphere of makeability. And the valuing pertaining to the revaluation of all values, in whatever direction it may be accomplished, is the ultimate banishment into consummate meaninglessness. The emergence of the manifold forms in which value is thought confirms that beings have been delivered over fully to being's abandonment. To the powerless values there corresponds the impotence of representations of value. Such impotence favors the erupting of the power of beings that prevail in essence from out of makeability.

Beingness has dissolved into pure machination, in such a way that through this machination, beings attain unlimited power and being's abandonment of beings assumes its concealed "rule." The latter does not stem from that power of machination but springs from the

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