The Restriction of Being

Just as we find a perfectly ordinary way of saying Being in the “is,” we also find very definite turns of phrase that have already become formulaic in the naming of the name “Being”: Being and becoming; Being and seeming; Being and thinking; Being and the ought.

When we say “Being,” we are driven, almost as if under compulsion, to say: Being and … . The “and” does not simply mean that we incidentally attach and add something else, but rather that we speak of something from which “Being” is distinguished: Being and not … . But at the same time we mean, in these formulaic phrases, something more that somehow properly belongs to Being as something distinguished from it, if only as something other to it.

The course of our questioning up to this point has not only clarified its domain. To be sure, we have primarily taken up the question itself, the fundamental question of meta-physics, only as something passed on and proposed to us from some source.

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