180     L. IRIGARAY

or objectalisation. We propose a sharing or a communion of/in being, which is made possible by each holding itself in what and whom is its own—which cannot represent merely a gift on pain of thwarting any intersubjective relationship. The latter can take place only between an ‘I’ and a ‘you’ who resist every objectivization, including through an undetermined ‘it’, even a supposedly neuter ‘he’—der Mensch. Only in such a relationship—when it comes to happen—we are really concerned with our own being regardless of all beings extraneous to it. Unless we transform intersubjectivity itself into a being? This would mean our forgetting that in itself it is nothing but an event which can result from our respective taking on the negative of a/our difference, for lack of which no being can truly be saved.

Entering a New Epoch of the Unfolding of Being

Entering a new epoch in philosophy is not a question of « leaping », as Heidegger suggests, but of discovering what does our being consists of. As Nietzsche affirms « Man is an animal still undetermined » (Qu’appellet-on penser?, p. 53; What is Called Thinking?, p. 58). This lack of determination prevents man from entering into presence and appearing as the one who he is, and also from being able to transcend himself. « The traditional man is not capable of doing that because he has not yet reached the fullness of his own being » (idem). Thus he must resort to supra sensitive essences, which keep his becoming on hold, instead of constantly passing from a physical level to a meta-physical level through a transformation which links sensitivity with thought without contrasting the former with the latter. The traditional man cannot « subject himself to himself » and « despise what is despicable in his past manner of being » (op.cit., p. 54; pp. 58–59). In order that this man could overcome himself, he must become able to perceive the one who he is thanks to assuming his own determination(s) and acknowledging what is despicable in the fact of considering himself to be a universal being who is able, as such, to govern the world.

Challenging a Fictitious Neutrality by Luce Irigaray