Logic as the Question Concerning the Essence of Language

§ 29. Language as the ruling of the world-forming and preserving center of the historical Dasein of the Volk

In the course of our questioning, we said several times that, at the same time, though not explicitly, it is always already a matter of language. In how far was this so?—Insofar as the power of time as temporality constitutes our essence, we arc exposed in the manifest beings, and that means at the same time: The being of beings is transferred to us. Being as a whole, as it rules through and rules around us, the ruling wholeness of this whole, is the world. World is not an idea of theoretical reason, but world announces [kündet] itself in the lore [Kunde] of historical being, and this lore is the manifestness of the being of beings in the mystery. In lore, and through it, world rules.

This lore, however, happens in the primal-event of language. In it, the exposedness into beings happens, the delivering over [Überantwortung] to being happens. World rules—is a being [ist Seiendes]. By virtue of language and only by virtue of it. Language does not take place in the encapsulated subject and is then handed around as means of communication among subjects. Language is neither something subjective nor something objective; it docs not at all fall in the realm of this groundless distinction. Language is as historical, respectively, nothing other than the event of exposedness entrusted [überantworteten] to being into beings as a whole.

The loveliness of the valley and the menace of the mountain and of the raging sea, the sublimity of the stars, the absorption of the plant and the ensnarement of the animal, the calculated speed of machines and the severity of the historical action, the harnessed frenzy of the created work, the cold boldness of the questioning that knows, the hardened sobriety of labor and the discretion of the heart—all that is language; wins or loses being only in the event of language. Language is the ruling of the world-forming and preserving center of the historical Dasein of the Volk. Only where temporality temporalizes itself, docs language happen; only where language happens, docs temporality temporalize itself.

§ 30. Logic as still not comprehended mandate of the human-historical Dasein: care about the ruling of the world in the event of language

However, why do we ask about the essence of language? Because our Dasein is care-the care of determination, its awakening, overtaking,