into the span
of an upward glance filled with bids.

That Da-sein be, to take be-ing back
into the awakened ear
of the one, who chooses
stillness as his work.

That Da-sein be, to sing be-ing,
out of a distant song
to bring be-ing where it is at home,
what as power avoided be-ing's sway for long.



Ἀρχὰ μεγάλας ἀρετᾶς
ὤνασσ’ Ἀλά-
θεια, μὴ πταίσῃς ἐμάν

σύνθεσιν τραχεῖ ποτὶ ψεύδει . . .
Pindar, Fragment 205 (Schroeder)1

Beginning of a worthiness to greatness
Lady, godly, sheltering-unconcealing,
that thou do not ever upset my

inabiding thou through wild-hard (crude) reversal . . .


In a free thinking-interpretation:

The truth (clearing) of be-ing is
the being of errancy -
the sphere of error (just like the sphere of riches) is first
placed in this abode. But how about the reversal?
Clearing is the ab-ground as distress of grounding.

1 Pindari Carmina cum Fragmentis Selectis. Interum edidit 0. Schroeder. In aedibus B. G. Teubneri Lipsiae, 1 9 14.