[G12] The inceptuality of that which is sole and unique in beings rises out of the dearing of be-ing, which uncomparably has already outlasted every "eternity" — the eternity which we always calculate additionally as empty duration and clinging to it, ascertain it as groundless consolation. The inceptuality of that which is sole and unique is that greatness, which protected out of be-ing has its beginning in freedom but whose sway is the mastery as sacrifice of gifting the highest distress from out of the jubilation of preserving the non-coercive transmission into the domain of the nearness and remoteness of god.

This clearing of be-ing is at the same time the be-ing of errancy; the site of the origin of distortion into which we are easily thrust and into which we easily fall and as we fall, we fall prey to mere beings and their exclusive predominance, powerful and powerless in alternation of things and circumstances — this clearing calculates for us in advance causes (drives and inclinations, desires and pleasures) for everything and twists everything into what is merely extant, easily possessed, familiar and used by everyone.

The true enowns itself only in the truth. so that we belong to its swaying, know the danger of distortion as something rooted in that swaying, and do not let in and do not fear the distorted and its unleashed power — abide in the venture of be-ing, belong to the unique service of the not yet appeared but proclaimed god.


Martin Heidegger (GA 66) Mindfulness