mostly introduces the latter, but also guides it, and the latter already determines the course of the former. With its determinedness, [Entschiedenheit] analytic-constructive "thinking" corresponds fully to the unbounded power of machination. In all spheres of human striving and acting this determinedness shows the same uniformity and [G39] defines the style of the semblance of decidedness, [Entschiedenheit] which is entirely fed by the lack of decision. But this lack of decision increasingly consolidates itself as that "presupposition" which expands the unbounded overpowering of power as the pure actuality of what is effective. What resistance thereby still arises from the realms of the "liberal" cultural optimism is not fundamental, even if it could occasionally score a "success". As resistance and mere resistance it is bogged down in the heretofore, entangles itself increasingly in the dependence on historical necessities which it even tries - fundamentally in vain - to evade. (True to its nature, the Judeo-Christian domination is engaged in a double dealing and sides at the same time with the "dictatorship" of the proletariat and with the liberal-democratic zeal for culture. For a long time this double dealing disguises even the already existing uprootedness and the asthenia for foundational decisions.)

Initially, of course, the illusion that here a mindfulness or perhaps only a "rescue" takes place may sporadically achieve "effects" even if only in the direction of misconstruing the ownmost of the genuine historical mindfulness of the Occident - or if intimating this mindfulness, distorting and misguiding it.

That the completion of modernity is "actually" the completion of the metaphysical history of the Occident and that this completion prepares at the same time the highest decision (cf. 8. On Mindfulness) - which alone has the binding historical strength for mindfulness - reveals itself quite simply in the historical movement of the epoch that begins. This completion is grounded in the differentiation between beings and being that in various formations is already formed by metaphysics. Machination takes hold of beings and absolutely legitimizes the forgottenness of being. The heretofore "cultural" -pursuits (the Judeo-Christian. classically formed. democratic-Occidental, and American kinds) entrust themselves to being (ideals and values) [G40]. With utmost exaggeration. machination and the culture-industry juxtapose beings and being as measure and take along in each case the differentiated ones into the claim of attention and care. Machination of beings incorporates the culture- industry into its planning as a means of power. Similarly, democratic


Martin Heidegger (GA 66) Mindfulness