Thereupon, appearing itself as a mode of presencing becomes a guise and semblance of what is simply constant (d. 17. Being as φύσις).

The being-historically and originarily grasped constancy a s well a s the originary presencing do not arise out of a widening and enrichment of the "now", but rather, together with the "now", they are the counter-hold to falling and revolt within [G84] the countering and strife. As counter-hold they are fundamental, but in their fundamentality they nonetheless drive from enowning. which, however, is the struggle — without war and without peace — between the countering and strife (i.e., the alternatively gifting and helping unto swaying).

Countering is the fundamental decision between gods' allotting godhood and man's domain of humanness.

Strife is the 'owning-to' of the sway of the world and the earth.

As they sway, their struggle lights up — clears — and in the end what is lighted up — cleared — is the struggle itself as that which refuses itself: the ground that holds unto the ab-ground.

This clearing is the truth of be-ing, be-ing that itself is the truth.

Be-ing as enowning can and must be thoughtfully inquired in the direction of the "world" and of the "earth". of man and of god, but simultaneously also in the direction of their strife and their countering and, above all, in the direction of their struggle.

Be-ing sways as the settlement of countering and strife in the manner of enownment of the 't/here' [Da] as enownment of the ground of the clearing that prevails in en-owning.

Lighting up, the settlement sustains above all the countering as well as what thus light up, that is, what en-counters [Er-gegnetes] in the countering (godhood and man's domain), and in the same vein, in the intersection of this countering, settlement sustains within the "sway" of this countering the self-opening strife and what is thus open (the earth and the world) which means that settlement sustains the countering as it towers unto the ab-ground that enowns itself as be-ing. Settlement is en-owning.

The inquiry into be-ing never comes upon be-ing as an inquiry that is cut off beforehand from be-ing, and, so to speak, suddenly takes be-ing by surprise, but comes, above all, as pondering the beingness of beings, a pondering that primarily forgets itself, is serviceable to beings and is basically en-owned by be-ing.

Settlement does not mean finishing and eliminating. but en-opening, lighting up of the clearing: en-owning as settlement. Settlement[:] fundamental to ab-ground.


Martin Heidegger (GA 66) Mindfulness