νοῦς — or receiving — and the receivable itself is seized as a possible footing and support within change.

Following various modifications, that initial truth of being as φύσις is in play in all manner of ways. Hereby what is "elementally natural" [das "Natur" hafte] in the reified sense remains only a form of the nearest presentification; it is not what is metaphysically deciding, but receives its importance from the sway of the being of φύσις.

18. "Be-ing" as "Word"

Be-ing — finally degraded in metaphysics to a used-up empty word that hardly still says the unactual detachment of thought from all that is actual and the detachment unto what lacks effect and is unactual — informs the total desolation of the representation that has no object.

In be-ing-historical thinking be-ing obtains the unique rank of a basic word of reticence that holds unto the ab-ground. The 'saying' that is sheltered-hidden in this word (which says that the sway of truth is to be grounded in Da-sein and as Dasein and that the 'in-between' of the settlement of the most unembellished and the most decided counterings is to be inaugurated) is the rupture through which unyieldingly and precipitatingly any being falls off against the ab-ground which alone restores be-ing to beings again and in the allotment to be-ing returns destiny to man.

Be-ing — metaphysically an indifferent hollow sound — be-ing-historically it is the stillness that holds back every storm and belongs to incalculable decisions.

In its sway, word as such belongs to settlement and can be known only as what belongs to en-owning.


19. Be-ing

Be-ing: in the first beginning the rising (φύσις), the self-unfolding (opening) presencing.

Be-ing: at the end of this beginning, in "life", the last vapor of an evaporating reality, the self-overpowering machination as empowering of power.

Be-ing: in the other beginning the en-owning, the struggle of countering and strife as the dearing of the ab-ground of the 'in-between'.