errancy; errancy, however, arises from out of the truth. Errancy is not the result of mistakes and failures and entanglements: errancy belongs to the ownrnost of the dearing and is grounded in its dignity, which is also irradiated by the refusal of be-ing - a dignity which no Da-sein is ever capable of outlasting.

Hence, errancy is nothing Mhurnan", rather it holds sway in the 'inbetween' of god and man as 'the free-play of time-space' of the strife of the earth and the world.

The true as what is correct has already degraded errancy into incorrectness, that is, into a contrivance of man. Correctness, that powerful meta physical being of truth in its manifold shapings, is the distortion of the inceptual sway of truth that is yet to be seized and is thus the collapse of all the paths of inquiry into be-ing.


39. The Clearing of Be-ing and Man

(The "Moment")

Why is this sudden moment, "world-history", fundamentally and 'abgroundingly' different from all the "millions of years" of 'world-less' turn of events? Because this suddenness lights up the uniqueness of be-ing and what neither was nor was not outside of being and non-being receives the ab-ground of a grounding unto beings. Less than nothing compared with what is most fleeting in that moment is the presumed duration of being-less "beings" that subsequently one would like to ascertain as already extant out of the clearing of that moment and to call "nature" in order to figure out the fleetingness and illusoriness of that moment. But illusoriness is still the clearing. is still be-ing. illusion is still the clearing, is still be-ing, that is, that which alone gifts man unto his ownmost - into that which exempts him from any comparison with the animal and with the merely living.

But decisiona implies: whether we 'hear' and we 'say' be-ing or whether in a remarkable forgottenness of being we proceed primarily to calculate man out of beings - be it even by assuming catastrophes. For "catastrophe" remains a figure of speech, when by misconceiving the enownings of

a That is, the inceptual be-ing-historical concept of dedsion and what in fact is be-ing-historicaL but already enowned and inabidingly charged with Dasein (cf. above G 83, 45 f.).


Martin Heidegger (GA 66) Mindfulness