and 'renouncing'. Then, such "having" holds sway only in the clearing of being that grants openness to a being.

Belongingness to be-ing is peculiar only to man because he is en -owned by be-ing and because (be-ing) itself is en-owning and "only" en-owning.

And hence the prolonged dis-enowning; hence the ceaseless incursion of the semblance of be-ing as the emptiness of beingness, which is degraded to an addendum to the mere representing of objects.

54. Man's Flight from the Ownmost

Selfhood is not retro-relatedness to oneself - or to 'I-hood' or 'we-hood'.

Selfhood - the inabiding of the truth of be-ing. The "relation" to being. Every talk of a relation to be-ing is erroneous as soon as and insofar as something like an object, something that is set aside, is implied.

Flight from the ownmost. Whence do we know man 's ownmost, and from where can we know this ownmost? And wherein do we 'see' and posit the ownmostness of the ownmost? Neither preserving nor heightening nor overcoming "of" the man (hitherto), but in the first place knowing his ownmost and knowing the history of the fundamental consequences; history of man as animal, hence body-soul-spirit, and spirit only as the consequence and the blockage of animality.

Indeed, much of what is handed down as actually experienced and appreciated moves in a 'space' that is criss-crossed by the flight from the ownmost.

Be-ing only from Da-sein. But how has this nonetheless been up to now? To what extent [G139] is beingness still a trace of an uninterpretable, traceless trace? The consolidated dispersal unto beings. Keeping oneself ceaselessly within this dispersal. The semblance of freeness of this attitude. This freedom: that which compels into what is blocked in the clearing.

That man can do without be-ing, that he can disregard be-ing, that be-ing does not heed this: the wholly un-necessary which thus is the ground for the lack of distress.

The aloneness of the countering. The reticence of the attuning. The powerlessness of enownment.

Only man flees from the ownmost and this flight determines his history.


Martin Heidegger (GA 66) Mindfulness