disempowering of φύσις.' Thus, inceptually and actually [φύσις] is "power". But to what extent?

[G189] Why then dis-empowering, if not simply empowering, but empowering not as empowering of φύσις as such but rather as the empowering of οὐσία to actus?

Power: the capability to be effective, to make secure, to calculate and arrange successes. The effect as being effective without directly effecting! Power out of "effect" simply not out of possibility!


Be-ing and Power

Since "actuality" counts as the determination of beings and since actuality is no longer grasped as the presencing of the constant, but rather as actus, "action", and power of effectiveness, and since the actual in this sense is finally determined as power and as the powerful, one has come up with the strange opinion that the higher a being stands within the metaphysical order of stages from the material-physical to the spiritual, the more powerless a being becomes. Accordingly, the powerful is what lies lower the powerful in the sense of that which is capable of actualization. What comes next? The actual whose ur-image is seen in matter. (The subsequent scholarly exploitation of this Nietzschean thought that originates in Nietzsche's reversal of Platonism, for the purpose of playing certain "categorial" games with the "layers of being" and the like, is meaningless and can never render the deciding question discernible.)

(In the same vein, even when in the order of "modes" within the metaphysical doctrine of "modalities" of actuality, possibility and necessity, a seeming equality is taught, such a teaching is still "oriented" to actuality and its preeminence. Because both "logic" and "ontology" already presuppose the fundamental decision on the beingness of beings, and express this beingness always in their own way; and because in addition "logic" and "ontology" are retro-related to each other, it is a matter of indifference whether this equality in the order of modes is treated in "logic" or in "ontology". What is not a matter of indifference is that [G190] the entire Occidental metaphysics determines beingness along the guiding-thread of "thinking", that is, as representedness. Perceivedness cum receivedness [Vernommenheit] is the unexpressed and ungrasped sphere and domain

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