up this en-owning via that projecting-opening that throws-itself-free from the subject's 'un-ownmost' unto Da-sein.

101. Projecting-opening and Projecting-opening

Among themselves the projecting-openings of beings unto beingness accord with each other in their history. Between these proj ecting-openings a dissociating exposition cannot ensue, but merely the exertion of an agreement vis-a-vis their seeming discord. This discord comes from the superficial view which holds that every representing projecting-opening sticks obstinately to what it erects and can no longer grasp what it erects in the light of the swayingness of the same sway (of beingness) of beings.

But how can the projecting-opening of the truth of be-ing that throws itself free still look like a representing projecting-opening and its entire history? Should not here a dissociating exposition take place that has overcome, as the negligible presumptuousness of calculating, all the 'urge of wanting to prove'? The necessity of a dissociating exposition does not come from the irreconcilability of standpoints, but rather from the distress to ground unto the abground of beingness the settlement as the swaying of be-ing. Such an exposition is the transformation of man as subject unto Da -sein as the site of inabiding the truth of be-ing.

[G363] However, projecting-opening the dearing of be-ing is enthrown by be-ing itself. But man must find his way unto Da-sein wherein alone the resonance of that throw resonates and fosters the free-throw.

102. Forgottenness of Being

It seems as if 'forgottenness of being' is kept away from all metaphysics, because it (metaphysics) does indeed inquire into the being of beings. But metaphysics does not inquire into being and while inquiring into beings and their beingness metaphysics simply forgets being and its truth. The 'what' into which metaphysics inquires (beingness) pins metaphysics down to that lack of need which does not let an enquiry into being and its truth ensue.

Even 'nothingness' is not capable of thrusting metaphysics unto the truth of be-ing as what is primarily question-worthy since in metaphysics the 'nothing' is gexplained" metaphysically in this or that way.