for the inquiry into the truth of be-ing. The main domains of mindfulness may be brought under the following titles:

The Differentiation between Beings and Be-ing - (origin and ground of the differentiation, which in the philosophy hitherto has always been considered in view of beings and therefrom in view of beingness, but now is seen strictly differently, that is, from out of the truth of be-ing).
The Da-sein - as grounding the truth of be-ing.
The Truth see the surveys given in the lecture-course of the winter semester 1937/38.28
The 'Time-Space ' as that unto which the originary temporality, that is, "Temporality" [Temporalität] advances and in turn is grounded in "enowning".
The Modalities - to what extent modalities are basically inadequate for grasping the swaying of be-ing (d. lecture-course of 1935/3629) .
[G425]The Attunement - as the attuning of man's originary ownmost insofar as he - taking over Da-sein - becomes the preserver of the truth of be-ing. Here "attunement" falls entirely outside the hitherto psychological and anthropological considerations.
The Language - belonging to attunement, language is grasped from out of the relation to the truth of be-ing. Grammar and logic hitherto are overcome here. See the lecture-course of the summer semester 1935.30

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