meanwhile (and this marks the beginning of modern metaphysics) become subjectity.

All that is is now either what is real [das Wirkliche] as an object, or what is effective [das Wirkende] as the objectifying within which the objectivity of objects is formed. Objectifying delivers up [stellt zu] the object to the ego cogito by representing it [vor-stellend]. In this delivery, the ego proves itself to be that which lies at the basis of its own activity, its own representing delivery [vor-stellenden Zu-stellen]: the subiectum. The subject is subject for itself. The essence of consciousness is self-consciousness. All beings, for that reason, are either the object of the subject or the subject of the subject. Everywhere the being of beings is based on posing a self before itself [Sich-vor-sich-selbst-stellen] and thus in imposing a self [Sich-auf-stellen] . Man rises up within the subjectity of beings into the subjectivity of his essence. Man enters into the uprising. World becomes object. In this insurgent objectification of all beings, that which must previously have been brought into the disposal of representation and production [Vor-und Her-stellens] — earth — moves into the center of human setting and confronting. Earth itself can show itself now only as the object of the attack arranged in the willing of man as absolute objectifying. Because it is willed out of the essence of being, nature appears everywhere as the object of technology.

From this period 1881/82, when the "madman" piece was written, comes this note of Nietzsche's: "The time is coming when the battle for the mastery of the earth will be fought — and fought in the name of fundamental philosophical doctrines" (Werke, vol. XII, "Nachgelassene Werke," §441).

This is not to say that the battle to exploit the earth without limit as the domain of raw materials, and to employ "human resources" soberly and without illusion in the service of the absolute empowering of the will to power into its essence, explicitly makes use of an appeal to a philosophy. We should suppose the contrary: philosophy as the doctrine and as the structure of culture is disappearing and in its current form can disappear, since it has already (so far as it has been genuine) brought the reality of the real into words and so has already brought beings as such into the history of their being. The "fundamental philosophical doctrines" do not mean academic doctrines but rather the language of the truth of beings as such, a truth that is metaphysics itself in the shape of the metaphysics of the unconditional subjectity of the will to power.

In its historical essence, the battle for the' mastery over the earth is in fact the consequence of the fact that beings as such appear in the mode of the will to power, without, however, being recognized or at aU understood as this