Editor's Prefacepage IX
Preface to the German EditionXIII
Comments on Karl Jaspers's Psychology of Worldviews (1919/21)1
Phenomenology and Theology (1927)39
From the Last Marburg Lecture Course (1928)63
What Is Metaphysics? (1929)82
On the Essence of Ground (1929)97
On the Essence of Truth (1930)136
Plato's Doctrine of Truth (1931/32, 1940)155
On the Essence and Concept of Φύσις in Aristotle's Physics B, I (1939)183
Postscript to "What Is Metaphysics?" (1943)231
Letter on "Humanism" (1946)239
Introduction to "What Is Metaphysics?" (1949)277
On the Question of Being (1955)291
Hegel and the Greeks (1958)323
Kant's Thesis about Being (1961)337
Editor's Postscript to the German Edition379

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