in which mortals respond to the dif-ference. In this way mortals live in the speaking of language.

Language speaks. Its speaking bids the dif-ference to come which expropriates world and things into the simple onefold of their intimacy.

Language speaks.

Man speaks in that he responds to language. This responding is a hearing. It hears because it listens to the command of stillness.

It is not a matter here of stating a new view of language. What is important is learning to live in the speaking of language. To do so, we need to examine constantly whether and to what extent we are capable of what genuinely belongs to responding: anticipation in reserve. For:

Man speaks only as he responds to language.

Language speaks.

Its speaking speaks for us in what has been spoken:

			A Winter Evening
		Window with falling snow is arrayed.
		Long tolls the vesper bell,
		The house is provided well,
		The table is for many laid.
		Wandering ones, more than a few,
		Come to the door on darksome courses.
		Golden blooms the tree of graces
		Drawing up the earth's cool dew.
		Wanderer quietly steps within;
		Pain has turned the threshold to stone.
		There lie, in limpid brightness shown,
		Upon the table bread and wine.
GA 12 p. 30