Ponderings II–VI [17–18]


Science” like passion and leadership. [“Wissenschaft” wie Leidenschaft und Führerschaft].


How is the pledging supposed to become effective? It has its own— hidden—mode of radiating out. And in the end this is a subordinate question.

More than enough if the responsibility is accepted.


Pledging as beginning of the origin—originary beginning!


Science must once again take its course—anew out of the originary pledging—and thereby it alters in its being and estimation.


Philosophy—is it for the sake of cultivation or for mere factual knowledge? Neither the one nor the other; as much the one as the other.

That means: it can never be grasped originarily from them—because its descendants as well as its origins are of a deeper stem.


Only charged concepts—ones that anticipate and engage—are “formative.” “Space and time”—a long-since-familiar wordplay which still signifies only a neutral schema of forms, thanks to Kant and science.

But: “People without space”7 and their most singular individuals without time.

What is “space” here?

What is “time” here? Origin of И. Is that also space as time for a “people”?

Space and time not the juxtaposed, which is simply “given,” but instead the opening and upsurge of being, which must be striven for.

7. {Hans Grimm, Volk ohne Raum (Munich: Langen und Müller, 1926).}