The Turning

"To flash [blitzen], in terms both of its derivation and of what it designates, is "to glance" [blicken]. In the flashing glance and as that glance, the essence, the coming to presence, of Being enters into its own emitting of light. Moving through the element of its own shining, the flashing glance retrieves that which it catches sight of and brings it back into the brightness of its own looking. And yet that glancing, in its giving of light, simultaneously keeps safe the concealed darkness of its origin as the unlighted. The in-turning [EinkehrJ that is the lightning-flash of the truth of Being is the entering, flashing glance—insight [Einblick]. We have thought the truth of Being in the worlding of world as the mirror play of the fourfold of sky and earth, mortals and divinities.* When oblivion turns about, when world as the safekeeping of the coming to presence of Being turns in, then there comes to pass the in-flashing [Einblitz] of world into the injurious neglect of the thing.13 That neglect comes to pass in the mode of the rule of Enframing. In-flashing of world into Enframing is in-flashing of the truth of Being into truthless Being. In-flashing is the disclosing coming-to-pass within Being itself. Disclosing coming-to-pass [Ereignis] is bringing to sight that brings into its own [eignende Eräugnis].

* Cf. Poetry, Language, Thought, 165ff.

13. "Injurious neglect" translates Verwahrlosung. Doubtless we should hear in Verwahrlosung—a noun built on the verb verwahren (to keep, guard, secure, protect) with the negating prefix los- —connotations that go beyond its ordinary meaning of neglect and injury caused by neglect, and that accord with those of manifesting that Heidegger finds resident in the stem wahr (ch. p. 42, n. 9). In this and in the following sentence in the text, the reader should be reminded of the character of Enframing as that "setting- upon that challenges forth" which sets everything in place as supply, which orders everything as standing-reserve and hence keeps nothing safe, i.e., leaves nothing free to be as it genuinely is.