43 §6. Closure as Withering of the Pros Hen Relation

With the Physics, the pros hen becomes systematized. This totalitarian sweep of the relation-to-one exhausts its powers at the closing moment of subsumption under principles. The opening moment and the closing moment of epochal history provide the framework for the genealogy of principles. These are born with the Socratic turn and they wither with the Heideggerian tum. Heidegger is however not alone in having sensed th is exhaustion of referential history. Marx and Nietzsche felt it before him . And the French poet René Char writes : "Amont éclate" (Upstream bursts), "Poème pulvérisé" (Pulverized poem), and "Cette part jamais fixée, en nous sommeillante, d'où jaillira DEMAIN LE MULTIPLE" (That part never fixed, asleep in us, from which will spring TOMORROW THE MANIFOLD).42